How to format a hard drive in windows 8 ?

If you want to format a hard drive in Windows 8, refer to the tutorial below.


Formatting a hard drive erases all the information in the disk.

It tests the disk to make sure all sectors are reliable, marks bad sectors and try to recover those; creates internal address tables that it
later uses to locate information.

As it erases all the data so,it also removes all the corrupted files and viruses from that drive.
There are the steps given below to format a hard drive in Windows 8 Consumer Priview .

1.Open My Computer by pressing Windows + E .

2.Right click to the drive which you want to format and from the option select format .


3.It opens a dialogue box containing the name of the drive and some other relevant informations,
which you have selected for formatting.

Select the Quick Format using NTFS(Default) file system and click START .


4.It shows a warning saying ” Formatting will erase ALL the data on the disk” .
Click OK to continue.


5.It takes a while to complete the formatting process.
When the formatting is done it’s open up a dialogue box saying “Format Complete” .


6. Click OK and again open My Computer icon.
Now you can see that the drive has been formatted.

You can also uncheck the box saying Quick Format to format normally. Then it will take more time to format that drive, but it is better for your hard drive than the quicker one. Sometimes you may be unable to Quick Format your hard drive because of some corrupted files or it may happen due to some viruses.

Then format normally to remove forcefully those files and clean your hard drive in a prefect manner. If are in a hurry, then format quickly as it is not of much difference.
Otherwise format normally to format securely.

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