How To Find The Windows 8 Product Key

To find the Windows 8 product we are using a special tool called KeyFinder.
How to Find Windows 8 Product Key

Why do you need to know Windows 8 product key?

When you purchase a CD/DVD of any operating system, especially Microsoft-based, it has its product key at the back of the case in which the media is kept. Whenever you install a Microsoft windows operating system you are required to provide that product key to activate the OS. Once you are done installing the operating system it works efficiently and lasts for several months. However the fact still remains the same that as the time goes by, efficiency of the operating system reduces and after some time it becomes necessary to reinstall Windows in order to make the computer as efficient as before.

Sometimes you may lose the product key of the operating system just like that and when you are required to reinstall it you need to find its product key anyhow. To solve such issues there are several free key finding software applications which can be used to retrieve product keys of Windows operating systems. Same is the case with Windows 8 and if as a user you want to retrieve its product key before you reinstall the operating system you are required to follow the instructions below:

1 Logon to Windows 8 computer with administrative account.
2 Download Keyfinder Thing free utility on the operating system. (You can also use any other key finding application if you want).
3 Once downloaded, double-click on the software and on the appeared window click on Accept changes button.
Click Accept Changes
4 On the appeared box click on Connect to Windows Update link in order to start installation process.
Click on Connect to Windows Update
5 Finally click on Finish button once the installation is completed.
Click on Finish Button
6 Double-click on the software file again to view the Product key of installed Windows 8 operating system.
View Product Key

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