How to find MAC address in windows 8?

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If you want to find the MAC Address in Windows 8, refer to the tutorial below.


MAC(Media Access Control)address are permanent address of your NIC(Network Interface Card).
MAC addresses are also known as hardware addresses or physical addresses as this address is hard coded in the NIC.
They uniquely identify an adapter on a LAN. MAC addresses are 12-digit hexadecimal numbers having 6 fields separated by a hyphen (-). Each field is of 2 digit.
The first three fields are used to indicate the Vendor Id, i.e., unique for the manufacturer of the NIC.
The next three field are used to uniquely identify each NIC of that manufacturer.
If you have both wired and wirelessLAN ports, then
in that case you will have 2 MAC addresses each for different LAN. If you want to find the MAC addresses for your adapters, then follow the instructions given below.

1. Press Windows button to open the Start Menu and then type “cmd” without quotes.


2. Open “cmd.exe” and type “ipconfig /all” without quotes and hit ENTER.
It will show you the MAC address along with some other details such as IP Address for all the adapters.


There is an another process by which you can find MAC address of your computer.

1.Open “cmd” from your Windows 8 computer as shown before.

2.Type “getmac -v -fo list” without quotes in Command prompt and hit ENTER.


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