How To Download Apps from the Windows Store in Windows 8

If you are new or have just recently upgraded to Windows 8, here is a simple step-by-step guide on getting started with the Windows store.

Downloading Apps For Windows 8

The Windows store is something new to Microsoft’s operating system lineup. The Windows Store has many likenesses to its rivals such as the App Store from Apple and the Play store from Google.

The Store highlights certain apps and has various categories from free, new releases, all stars and “Picks for you”.


All the apps themselves are organised in their specific categories. There are many categories to choose from and the list is ever expanding. At the moment there is games, social, photos, music and video, sports, books and reference, entertainment, productivity and news and weather. While we are used to having apps for our phones at this stage, installing apps for your computer operating system may be a little bit alien to some but it is easy to get used to. Here’s how to get started.

Step 1

Fìrst you will have to enter into the Windows store. You can launch to the Windows store by clicking the tile in the home start screen. The one that resembles a shopping bag!


Step 2

Once you’ve loaded up the window you can scroll through it and view the various different categories step we have outlined above.

If your looking for a game you would obviously browse the games category or if your looking for something more education orientated you would then of course browse the education category.

Step 3

If your looking to search for specific apps simply hold down the Windows key and press Q at the same time. This will open up the search bar. Simply type the name or the type of app your looking for in the search bar and Windows will automatically display all suggested apps.

You can also press the search icon and you will be able to check out the full list of apps the match the phrase you searched for.

Step 4

Once you’ve decided on an app you wish to install simply click on it to display its full description.

Click overview to read all the necessary information there is about the app. You can also click details to see product specifications or reviews to get a general understanding of the apps quality.

Step 5

If you are happy with the apps description and its reviews then simply click install to install the app. A message should appear at the top stating the app is installing and another message will appear once its complete. While it is installing you can still view and browse the Windows store.

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