How to do a right click on Windows 8 tablets

If you run Windows 8 and are using a tablet, you certainly should know how to do a right click on it!

Right Click on Windows 8 Tablets

Windows 8 has dual face from Microsoft. It can be installed on computers as well as on tablets. Windows 8 Tablet has got its fame and fire because of its high end specification and performance. Windows 8 comes with a lot of customizable touch features. You may access these touch settings from metro control panel.This tutorial aims to focus on providing a guide on how to do right click on Windows 8 tablets.

Before you can do a right click on Windows 8 tablet, you have to enable this feature. Follow these steps provided below to enable the right click on windows 8 tablets.

Steps to enable Right Click on Windows 8

1. Open Start Screen. In Start Screen tap on Control Panel tile.

Select Control Panel

2. In metro control panel Window, Scroll down and tap on the “More Settings” option. Old Control Panel window will open.

More Settings

3. Next, go to Hardware and Sound and after that tap on Pen and

Touch option. Pen and Touch window will open.

Tap on Pen and Touch

4. Now, in the Pen and Touch window, navigate to Touch tab option. Then tap on the Settings to open its properties.

Click on settings

5. Now, check “Enable press and hold for right-clicking” box and tap on

OK to enable right click on windows 8 tablet.

Enable Right Click and Apply

Right click feature is now enabled on Windows 8 tablet. Now, just press and hold for right click operation .The right-click menu has many useful features like copy, paste, new, view, refresh, send to etc.

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