How To Disable Windows 8 Sign In

Some people don’t need the extra security a Password protected account provides and may get annoyed with having to sign in. Here’s how to disable it.

Windows 8 Sign In

Windows 8 is pretty power conscious and will blank your screen if you don’t press a key for a while. This can be annoying when you have to enter your password and sign in every time it happens.


While this extra level of security is to some people’s advantage it is not necessarily for everyone. If you’re confident enough in your environment that you do need an extra level of security you can in face disable the sign in process.

If you never want to see the lock screen again – simply use a single account with no password. This will obviously circumvent all the security that come’s along with the User Account System.

To simply stop Window 8 asking for your password follow these steps.

Step 1

Right click on the bottom right corner of your screen. Select Control panel.


Once you have entered the Control Panel, Select System and Security.

From here Select Power Options.


On the left hand side you should now see Require a Password on Wakeup. Most of the options here will actually be greyed out. This means you cannot change them .


Click “Change Settings That Are Currently Unavailable” .


Now you can select Don’t Require a Password option and then Save Changes.


Now when your computer wakes up you will no longer have to constantly re-enter your password like you may have had to before.

The drawback is you now have a less secure operating system which anyone who comes across your device can easily access.

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