How to disable the UAC Notifications in Windows 8 ?

If you want to disable the UAC Notifications in Windows 8, refer to the tutorial below.

UAC Notification

What is UAC notification?

UAC is short form of “User Account Control” notification.
The management of user accounts in Windows has been started with Windows Vista.
Malwares and viruses have greater control of the computer and thus better attacking power, when it is running with administrative privilege.
UAC was designed to enable general users to run their computers as a standard user rather than as administrator. Most users don’t have an in depth knowledge or
alertness about malwares and thus easily attacked by admitting malwares to run as administrator.
A computer is more secure against attack if it is running with fewer privileges.
But if you dont like the UAC notification showing all the time, then there is a way to completely disable the UAC notification in Windows 8 .

1. Press Windows button from the keyboard to open Start menu.
Type “UserAccountControlSettings” in the start menu an hit ENTER


2. It will open “User Control Account Settings” Dialogue box.


3. Now you can disable the UAC notification by changing the status of the slider to Never Notify .


Click OK to continue.
From this time on, it will never ask you again for permitting any program.

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