How to disable the Smart Screen in Windows 8 and why you shouldn’t

The smartscreen protects you from harmful programs, so you should not disable it, but if you insist on it, here’s a simple how-to.


What is the Smart Screen?

Windows 8 comes with several new features promising to make it better, one step closer to Ultimate operating system, as told by Microsoft Spokesperson. One such feature is Windows Smart screen. It alerts before installing unrecognized programs.

It is another level of protection from infecting the system from viruses and other malwares. What it does is that when you try to install or run some programs which is not much known, then it blocks it and shows the message : “Windows Smart Screen prevented an unrecognized program from starting. Running this program might put your PC at risk” or Windows Smart Screen cannot be reached right now. If you need to install or run this, then click on Run Anyway to allow this. If you are unable to see this, then click on the downward arrow, you will see the Run Anyway button then.


Time to time it will be irritating. You trust a program and want to run it, but Smart screen is blocking it. But you may get rid of this thing.
To do that you have to follow these steps:

Step 1:- Open Action Center. You can see a flag like icon on the right side of taskbar, that is the Action Center icon,
Click on it .Next Notification area will appear showing messages, in the bottom you can see Action Center written,
Click on it to open.

Click on Action Center

Step 2:- On the left panel of Action Center, you will see Change Smart Screen Settings. Click to open that.

Click on Change Smart Screen Settings

Step 3:- Now Smart Screen Settings Window will appear. You will see three options there. Check the last option
Turn off Windows Smart Screen and press OK to disable smart screen.

Turn off Smart Screen

Now you are done with it. Smart Screen is disabled now. It will no more irritate you until you re enable this.

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