How to create PIN to log in into windows 8?

To create PIN and log in into Windows 8, refer to the tutorial below.
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What is PIN and why use PIN to sign in?

Well, Microsoft added a lots of security feature in windows 8. Microsoft added two new method of log in into the system.

1. Picture Password : The picture password feature is designed to highlight the parts of an image that are important to you, and it requires a set of gestures that allow you to accomplish this quickly and confidently. Obviously it is very secure, because mathametics shows that even a simplest image can create millions of gestures and highlights.

2. PIN : Personal Identification Number or PIN is used here as the same way you use in ATM. It is a four digit number, through which you can sign in to your account .

Why should we use it ?

First of all it must be known that Windows 8 is not only launched for Personal computers, but also for tablet PC, windows phone etc. touch devices. It is easier to use an unique PIN than a lengthy password in a touch devices like windows phone or tablet PC. Secondly, it
gives you a two layer of protection of your acount. If you log in with your PIN, password will be unchanged. And any intruder can not modify this PIN without having knowledge of your password. There will be option to use your password to sign in. Thirdly, It is faster than the contemporary method of password verification.

How to create & Use PIN in Windows 8

To create PIN, follow the steps,

1. Activate Charm’s bar by windows key+ C . Click Settings . Then Click More Settings in the right corner of the sidebar.

 More Settings

2. Move to the User tab or click the User tab.

Move to the User tab

3. Look for the Sign In Options . Click Create a PIN button.

Cick create PIN

4. Current Password is required to create a PIN. Put your password in the new window asking for Password.

Put your Password

5. PIN creation wizard will pop up. Put your desired PIN and retype in the confirmation box and Click Finish to complete the PIN creation.

Put your PIN

Now, sign out and look what happens. Instead of asking for password, from now on windows will ask for the PIN. If you put the currect PIN, you don’t require an ‘Enter’ or ‘mouse click’, window will automatically log in.

Asking for PIN

Don’t Like It ? Want to get back the sign in with password ? or have you forgotten the PIN ? . Don’t worry. Click Sign in Option in the Log in Screen. Log in with your password as you used to do. Then Open More PC Setings , Click User . In the sign in option , Click Change PIN or Remove in order to modify or delete the PIN you have created earlier.

Change or Remove PIN

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