How to create a System Restore Point in Windows 8

A System Restore Point is basically a system protection point that you create in Windows 8 specifying the time to restore in case your Windows gets corrupt. This helps the system in identifying at which point in time to restore back to with saved settings, and is an excellent system protection feature that can help in saving from losses. These restore points are further used to do a system restore on your Windows 8 in the long run. Without creating a system restore point, it is not possible to restore your system and revert any changes made. Here is how to create a system restore point in Windows 8:

System protection restore point in Windows 8

1. Type system restore in Metro Menu and click on Settings. Now click on Create a restore point on the left side of search results.

Create a restore point

2. Now select the drive for which you want to create a restore point and click Create

Click Create to create a restore point for the selected HDD

3. Specify a description that would help you in remembering your purpose of creating the system restore point. It could be anything that you can easily remember:

Create a Restore Point

4. The progress bar would state "Creating a restore point" and when it is done, the system restore point would have been created.

Restore Point creation under progress

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