How To Control Live Tile Data Usage In Windows 8

Live Tiles are handy features that display real time updates from any source that has such data but this can also create a massive data usage in your network that eats away from your data plan without you meaning them to.

Controlling Live Tile Data Usage in Windows 8

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Live Tiles on the Windows 8 Start Screen are handy little things. You can pin them from any app that uses the feature and get real time updates from various sources such as websites, weather apps, financial markets and social networks. But to do this, the Live Tiles use your available bandwidth and you might not want to them use up too much of your data. Desktops shouldn’t really have this problem unless you have gone berserk on them but mobile users should certainly watch out for it.

The first thing to do is to turn off any Live Tile that you might not be using. Some apps will turn in to Live Tiles by default when you use them. Bundled apps like Sports, News, Weather, etc. have a tendency for doing this. You can turn them off by right clicking on them and choosing the turn off live tile option from the app bar.

The next thing to do, especially if you are a mobile user, is to go to the Charms menu (Win+C or mouse cursor to upper and lower left corners) and going in to Settings. Inside settings you will find the link to ‘Tiles’. Clicking that link will open a menu where you can limit the data usage for Tiles. It is 50MB by default and it is the minimum, so you are not going to lose much anyway. But if you are not willing to spare that (and save some battery in the process too), you can turn off the live updating feature entirely from the same menu.

Some users will not see the data usage area in this menu. If you are one, go to your Network settings (via the Charms menu once again) and look for your currently active connection. Right click on it and select ‘Set as metered connection’ from the contextual menu. This should show you a data usage option in the Tiles menu. And that’s it, you are done!

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