How to Connect a Windows 8.1 Device to your Xbox

Connecting your Windows 8.1 device to your Xbox is easy. All you need is for them to both be using the same Microsoft Account and be on the same network. Everything is explained in this simple step-by-step guide.

Connecting a Windows 8.1 device to an Xbox

To connect your Windows 8.1 device to your Xbox, you need to download the Xbox SmartGlass app. This useful app is available on the Windows Store for free.Once you have downloaded and installed the SmartGlass app , simply follow the outlined steps to connect your Windows 8 device to your Xbox system.



On your Windows 8.1 computer or device, go onto the Windows Store. Search for Xbox SmartGlass. Download and install the app.


Turn on your Xbox or if it is already on, exit any game or application that is running and return to the Xbox Dashboard. Scroll to the right and choose Settings and then click System.



When you’re in System Settings, choose Console Settings. After that go down to Connected Devices and click it.


While you’re in the Connected Devices section, pick On for Play To and Xbox SmartGlass Apps. Here you can also decide if you want to let game interruption occur when the Xbox is being controlled remotely.



Open the Xbox SmartGlass app on the Windows 8.1 device and keep the Xbox turned on.


The Xbox SmartGlass app will connect to your Xbox automatically. When they are both connected a notification will appear on both the Xbox console and the Xbox SmartGlass app.You have now connected your Windows 8 device to your Xbox and can avail of a host of additional features across both devices.

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