Configure startup applications in Windows 8 to speed up boot

If you want to fully configure your startup apps, then read this simple how-to!
Normal Startup

Start up applications uses RAM & CPU during start up process. If there are a lot of applications during startup it will make your PC slow. You may need to configure ( create new or disable some) these startup applications. This tutorial will tell you how you can configure start up applications in Windows 8.


There are mainly 2 ways to do it. Here they are:-

A. Using “msconfig” program

Press window+R to start “Run”prompt.

Type msconfig into it & press enter.


You will see the following window to appear.


Go to “Startup” tab. Uncheck unnecessary applications ( i.e these applications will no more start during startup).


Click “OK” to confirm. The following window appears. Select “Restart”.


B. Using Startup folder

There is another way to do it.

First of all enable “Hidden Items” option.


Now go to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup. Paste the application or batch file here.

I have shown an example here.


This will automatically start during startup.

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