How to Configure Metered Connections in Windows 8

If you need to configure metered connections for your Windows 8 operating system , this guide will help you in getting started.

Metered Connections in Windows 8

Windows 8 is configured to work on mobile devices as well as computers and it includes a feature called metered connection. A metered connection is a source of limited internet through a network connection.

You have a limited amount of data, and when you go over that amount, you are charged extra. When you have limited data usage, it’s important that you enable the metered connection, so that your computer knows not to download windows updates.

If you enable the metered connection, your computer won’t download any updates until you connect to a wireless connection.


So, if you want to set your metered connection, open Settings (press the windows key and at the same time the I key from your keyboard). This will open the Settings charm menu.


Click on the wireless connection.This will open a list of wireless connections that are available in your area.


Right-click on the connection that you want to set as a metered connection, and a menu will appear.

Click on Set as metered connection.

Note: If you want to disable the metered connection, just right-click again in the same menu and then click on Set as non-metered connection.


Windows 8 has an option that doesn’t allow updates to download when you have a metered connection. Go in Devices, in the PC Settings. When you will scroll down in Devices menu, you will see an option for allowing Updates to download in a metered connection.


By default it is set to off, but if you want to download updates from your metered connection, you can set it on. It is preferable you turn it off to prevent the extra charges because usually these updates take a lot of data to perform.

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