How to close Windows 8 metro apps (force quit)

If you are very much interested to have the final release of Windows 8, you should know some important issues about this operating system first. In this tutorial I am going to discuss how to close Windows 8 metro apps.

First of all I must say that, if you still have not used Developer’s Preview of Windows 8, you should give it a try. I am sure after that you will love to play with it. One of the first things I noticed when playing with the Windows 8 preview build was that you cannot close metro style applications. Almost instinctively I pressed the Alt+F4 keys when I wanted to close a running application but nothing happened, I then tried to find an option within the application to close it but couldn’t find an exit button there.

After gathering some information from different sources got the clear view that you do not close metro applications.

After opening a few metro style applications and then opening the task manager you will notice that some processes have the status of “Suspended”. Windows will automatically kill them later when the smartie windows notices u already finished using that application. To save system resources, Windows suspends the metro style application when it is not used, but once a user switches back it is almost instantly the application starts working.

Task Manager

Introducing of “suspend an application” feature is no doubt a good thought by Microsoft. But there are problems. Suppose you have installed several metro apps from Windows store and you opened them. Assume the number is 50. So, it becomes very annoying all those 50 applications are listed in Task Manager in “suspended” state while you are not using any of those applications. May those suspended metro applications are not using any resources. But it is very hectic to find out your desired application from the huge application list in task Manager.

So, the only probable way to terminate a metro application is to terminate is from Task Manager. It is surely a disadvantage of this next generation Operating System.

Here are the steps:-

1. Open Task Manager.

2. Right click on the specific metro application.

3. Click on End Task option.


There should be a Quick option to stop the opened metro apps. Hope in future Microsoft will think about this and will provide updates regarding this issue.

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