How to Check RAM on Windows 8 Computer

In order to learn how to check RAM on Windows 8 read the tutorial below.

How to Check RAM on Windows 8

Knowing Your RAM and Computer is Important

Windows 8 is designed to provide more sophisticated features to the users by making its interface easier to operate. Moreover, many new programs are integrated with the operating system and because of this users need not to go for any third-party application if they want to use them. However, the interface of the operating system might be a bit complicated for some entirely new users and they might find it difficult to operate. Although everything is in the same place as it was in Windows 7 but because of the new interface users might be lost while navigating through several options and Windows. Same can be the case while checking the amount of RAM that is installed on a Windows 8 machineSame is the case with checking out.

In earlier versions of Windows if users wanted to check the amount of RAM they simply used to right click on Computer icon (in Windows Vista/Windows 7) and on My Computer icon (in Windows XP or earlier versions) and used to go to Properties option where the total installed physical memory was displayed. The case is a bit different while using Windows 8 as by default you do not get Computer icon right on the desktop.
Therefore, as a new user to Windows 8 if you want to check the total physical memory that is installed on your computer you are required to follow the steps given as below:
1 Start the computer on which Windows 8 is installed.

2 Click on Start button.

3 From the appeared list of programs on the screen click on Control Panel.
Click on Control Panel
4 On the opened window in the left pane click on More Settings option that is available at the bottom of the list.
Click on More Settings
5 On the opened Control Panel Window click on System icon.
Click on System Icon
6 On View basic information about your computer window check the amount of RAM that is displayed under System category in front of Installed memory (RAM) label.
Check Installed Memory (RAM)
7 Close all the Windows when done.

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