How To Change Windows 8 Lock Screen Color Scheme From Start Screen

If your looking to add a bit of varierty to the appearance of your Windows 8 operating system here is a simple guide on changing the color scheme from the default Start Screen settings.

Changing the Appearance Of Your Windows 8 Lock Screen

Customising your Lock Screen colours is an easy way to personalize the appearance of your operating system. In another guide we walked you through changing the images and background of the lock screen.


Here is how to change to the Default Colour Scheme that is automatically applied to your Windows 8 Lock Screen – allowing your one to be a little bit more unique!


Press (Windows) + R. This will open the the “Run” Window.


Type and run “regedit” .


Select and double click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.


This should open a few more options.

Step 3

Select and Open SOFTWARE.


Locate and then open Microsoft.


After this locate and select Windows.


Once more find and select CurrentVersion.


Nearly there, locate and select Explorer.


Locate Accent. Right Click and create a new “Dword”. Call it DefaultColorSet.



The rest is up to you ! You can change and edit this to your liking. Switch the base to a decimal and choose between 0 and 24 to find something that you like!

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