How to change window viewing options in Windows 8

We all know that Windows 8 has been designed specifically for smooth usage on laptops, desktops and more importantly, tablet devices. This has brought in many features in Windows 8 that were not present in the predecessors. One such option is the ability to quickly view open programs in stacked or side by side view. Although this is possible in Windows 7, there is no option for quickly accessing it. Here is how you can do it in Windows 8:

Window side by side

1. Right click on the date and time in the bottom right corner of your screen and click Show windows side by side to view open programs side by side

right click date and time and select show window side by side

2. Here is how the view looks like

Side by side windows


This is perhaps the simplest tutorial ever. It just saves your time to quickly navigate between several windows and see what is happening in all programs at one instance.

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