Change the default Windows 8 cyan color appearance

If you do not like the default cyan color scheme that Windows 8 is using, you can customize the taskbar Aero colors quite easil.y

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Changing color and appearance in windows 8 is a very easy task. You can select your desired color, not only that even you can change the intensity of the color. Like Windows 7 Windows 8 also offers a number of appealing, pre-selected colors to choose from.

There are also three sliders: one for Hue, one for Saturation, and one for Brightness. With them, any color within the scope of desktop’s color depth can be created. These features were included in windows 7 also.

Let’s start with the procedure. This tutorial is a very basic customization tutorial. Just follow these simple steps:-

Steps to chance Color and Appearance in Windows 8

1. First of all, Open the Desktop by clicking Desktop tile on the Start Screen on Windows 8.

Open Desktop

2. Now, Right click on your desktop and select Personalize.


3. Next, Left Click on Windows Color at the bottom.

Windows Color

4. Now, you can select your desired color by simply selecting the color grid from the available list.

5. You may also change Color Intensity of the particular selected color by changing the slider.

6. Now, you may enable or disable Transparency by checking or leaving the Transparency option box blank.

Changing Color and Appearance

7. Next, you may click on the arrow sign beside the “Show Color Mixer” option to enable additional options from where you can manually adjust the brightness, Hue and Saturation levels by simply changing the corresponding sliders and finally click on “Save Changes” option to apply changes.

Additional Options

You are done. Now, whenever you want to change the color appearance of your windows 8 just follow these simple steps.

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