Changing the sounds in Windows 8 is still easy

If you have some cool WAV files or MP3 files you can change the system sounds in Windows 8 or apply an entire sound theme!

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Windows 8 allows assigning sounds that will play when certain events occur on your computer. An event can be an action that is performed by a user, such as shutting down computer, or an action that the computer performs, such as giving alert when new e-mail appears. Windows comes with several sound schemes (a collection of related sounds) for different events. You can choose a preferred sound for a particular event from this collection or may assign new custom sounds for these events.

Changing Sounds via Control Panel

Tip: The faster way to change sounds is to do this via the personalization Control Panel

Changing a default sounds to a custom one can be done by simply following some easy steps. This tutorial is a very basic sound customization tutorial. Steps are quite easy and are described below with proper screenshots.

1. Click on Start.

2. Click on Control Panel tile.

Click on Control Panel

3. In control panel Window, Scroll down and left click on the “More Settings” option.

More Settings

4. Then just left Click on the “Hardware and Sound” option.

Hardware and Sound

5. Now click on “Change system sounds” option.

Change System Sound

6. Now, to change sound in this window, you may Select “Sound Scheme” from dropdown options or can use your custom sounds.
To add your custom sounds you must first select a particular “Program Event”. Then Browse to select your desired sound file and select it to apply that sound for that particular Program event. You can save the changes as a new sound scheme.

After you are done, click on the “Apply” button and then “OK”.

Browse and Select Sound

These are the easy steps to change sounds in your Windows 8.

Follow these steps and select your desired sound files to set those as your Log off sound, Alarm notification sound, Startup sound, Close program sound, Email alert sound or other in Windows 8.

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