How to change Remote Settings in Windows 8

Windows allows remote connections whereby one computer can connect with another computer running Windows over the internet. There is no 3rd-party application required for installation. This is particularly very useful in large organizations that are always on the run of saving data on a remote server. However, it is important that you enable these settings in Windows 8 to use Remote connections. Here is how to do it:

Remote Settings

1. Open up Control Panel

Open up Control Panel in Windows 8

2. Click System

Click System

3. Now click Remote Settings

Click Remote Settings

4. A new window would open up. Here you would be able to specify advanced remote settings. You have to check or uncheck Allow remote assistance connections to this computer to enable or disable this feature. If you look under Remote Desktop you can select how other systems can connect to this computer.

Remote settings

5. If you want to further change advanced settings, you can always click Advanced in the top right and specify invitations to connect to your computer.

Click Advanced to change advanced remote settings

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