How to change permission of metro applications in Windows 8 Consumer preview ?

If you want to change permission of metro applications in Windows 8 Consumer preview, go through the tutorial below.

Preview Image

Windows 8 brings a new user interface : Metro User Interface. The Metro UI user interface comes with new look, new features.
In the Consumer Preview version, windows brings new applications like Camera, Reader and thus reduce the need
of any third party software. Like the applications, their permissions are also different from other applications and thus have a sophisticated way to change the their permissions. This tutorial will guide you in the way of changing these permissions.

1. Press Windows to open Start menu. Left click on the application, (of which you want to change the permission)
to open that.

Choose Application

2. Press Windows + C to open the sidebar and click on Settings.

Camera Settings

3. Now click on Permissions under Camera on the right pane.

Camera Permission

4. Now disable or enable permissions according to the customisation you want to do.

Change Camera Permission

Now you are done with the permission change for the application Camera. In the same way you can change the permission of other applications like
Message, Reader etc.

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