Close metro applications without task manager in Windows 8

After the release of Windows 8 developer’s preview, everybody was surprised as there was no close button in Metro applications. A close button will be added in the upcoming versions of Windows 8

Metro UI

TIP: Windows 8 has a feature that automatically suspends programs that are no longer in use. You no longer have to close apps, however a close button will be added shortly and be possibly included in the upcoming Consumer Preview to be released on February 29th


Windows 8 introduces a new Graphical User Interface, the Metro UI, which is much different from its predecessor, the Aero. A specific characteristic of these metro applications in the developer’s preview version is that it can’t be closed. Windows automatically suspend those application and thus stop resource using. Though it is not a bad design, but there should be a direct way to close applications, not by Task manager.

End from Task Manager

Everybody will be glad to know that, Microsoft will add a close button for every Metro application in its Beta version. It comes not only with several bug fixes, but also some new features. It is expected to be shown at Consumer Electronics Show 2012 . A leaked version of Windows 8 for tablets shows that it has a way to close metro applications directly. All you have to do is tap on the metro application for a while and then drag them below the screen. The following video shows this.

Till then you can use < strong>windows+M Or Alt+Esc to switch to Desktop Mode and then Task manager and the close that task .You can Switch to Start Screen by pressing Windows or Ctrl+Esc . You can open Task manager before opening Metro applications and press Alt+Tab or Windows+Tab to switch to task Manager and close that application.

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