How to change autoplay settings in Windows

Whenever you insert a new media in Windows 8, such as CD/DVD or a USB drive, you would get notifications of how to use the media. This is called autoplay, a feature used since Windows XP to auto-detect the contents of drives and put forward options for the user. In case you want to change these settings in Windows 8, here is how you can do it:

change autoplay settings

1. Go to Control Panel

Open Control Panel

2. Click Default programs

Click Default programs

3. Click Change Autoplay settings

Click Change autoplay settings

4. If you want to enable autoplay, check Use AutoPlay for all media and drives

Click Advanced Settings

5. If you want to choose what programs you want to use for each type of media, you can check choose what you want to do with each type of media and select programs against every type of media.

6. If you want to restore, click Reset all defaults at the bottom.

Click reset all defaults

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