How To Add User Accounts In Windows 8

Multiple User Accounts is a great feature and is useful for a variety of different circumstances. If your looking to add multiple User Accounts in Windows 8 simply follow this guide.

Multiple User Accounts in Windows 8

Muliple user accounts allows the Windows 8 operating system to cater for numerous different users of indeed for multiple different purposes all under one PC.


It is a great feature and is perfect for families where one device might be used my many. It’s also easy to share and transfer files between these accounts .It can also prove beneficial if you wanted to keep a “Work” account seperate from your own personal account.

Adding User Accounts in Windows 8 is easy and there a few simple ways to get started.


To begin you can eithier access the Control Panel or you can also select “Settings” from the Charm menu.


After you do this select “Change PC Settings” .


Once you access “Change PC Settings” select “Users”.


Here you can log in with any User Account that has already been setup. You can do this even if there is somebody else logged in on the device you happen to be using.


If you not have a Microsoft account you will need to register one. Don’t worry. It’s simple! It only takes a few steps. If you already have a Windows Live,Xbox or Hotmail account you can simply use your login details for them instead. This will avoid you having to create and entirely new account – but if your looking to create a private or family account you might be better off.


Once you add a User Account , any changes to preferences and settings will stay the same for the account everytime that account is used to login. You will need to make sure you adjust “User Account Controls” to ensure files are available or not available to access for the User Accounts associated with the operating system. This will be covered in a future guide if you are unsure how.

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