How to add “Switch User” option to the Desktop Context Menu in Windows 8?

If you want to add “Switch User” option to the context menu in Windows 8 Consumer Preview, see the tutorial below.

Switch User Image

In the traditional way, switching user in Windows 8, is 2step process- you have to navigate to Start Menu and then you have to select switch User form the current user account picture. There is also a 1-way process. You can do the same thing form your Desktop Context Menu directly. In order to do so, follow the instructions given below carefully.

1. Download the zip file from this link. After unzipping it, you will get 2 files there. One file is :
“Add_Switch_User_to_Desktop_Context_Menu” and another is: “Remove_Switch_User_from_Desktop_Context_Menu”.

Switch User Files

2. Click on the first file to open it. First you will get an Open File Security Warning because of the publisher being unknown
to . Allow it to run.

Publisher Warning

3. Next you will get a Registry Editor Warning. Also allow this to run.

Registry Editor Confirmation

You will get an confirmation message, that the registry value has been added.

Registry Value Added

Now you will see a new option has been added to your Desktop Context Menu : “Switch User”.

Preview Image
If you want to remove this option, simply run the second file given to you in the similar way.

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