How to add and install new cursors in Windows 8 for a more personal computer

To personalize and customize your Windows 8 PC, you should definitely know how to install and add new cursors to it, learn more after the break.

Customize your computer using new cursors

Windows 8 has Aero cursor by default. It looks like an arrow head. You can use other cursors given in windows or you can use any other cursor of your choice. Cursors are a great way of customizing theme. Nowadays cursors of various shape and style are available to be downloaded. You can change the custom cursor by installing cursor themes like CursorFX or use any other cursor file.
You can follow the instructions below to change cursors in Windows 8.

1. Open Control Panel , click on the arrow just after it. It will show you a list of options. Select the first option : All Control Panel Items.

All Control panel Items

Step 2:- Click on Mouse icon to open Mouse Properties window .

Mouse property window

Step 3:- Click on Browse to choose cursor . Here i have selected “lmove”.

Select cursor

Step 4:- Open it and click to apply button to apply this new cursor.

Apply Cursor

See the new cursor “lmove” in action. You can select any other cursor file of your own. But in that case, the file extension have to be “.cur” or “.ani” .


There are more ways to install cursors, e.g. by applying Desktopthemepack files, more about that later on.

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