How to add / install fonts on Windows 8 in 6 steps

To fully customize the OS, you need to install some new fonts on Windows 8 – here’s how you can add new fonts in 6 steps.
How to Add Fonts to Windows 8

When to Add New Fonts?

With every release of Microsoft Windows operating system Microsoft adds many new fonts which, in many cases, are more than enough for a normal user and any organization. It is very unlikely that you need to add any additional font in order to format and beautify your documents. The only reason and the only case when you would want to add any additional font will be if you are working on any graphics oriented application, for example, CorelDRAW or Photoshop.

Same is the case with Microsoft Windows 8 where it is quite unlikely that you would ever need to add any additional font, however if you still want to do so you can follow the steps given below:

1 Copy the font file (.ttf) that you want to add to Windows 8 computer from its source location.
2 Logon to Microsoft Windows 8 computer with any account that has administrative privileges.
3 From the available options on the screen click on Control Panel icon.
Click on Control Panel Icon
4 On the opened window click on More Settings option from the bottom of the list available in the left pane.
Click on More Settings
5 On the next window make sure that Small Icons option is selected from the drop-down list of View by section available at top right corner and from the available icons on the Window click on Fonts.
Click on Fonts Icon
6 On the opened Fonts window right click anywhere on the free space and from the context menu click on Paste option to add new font to Windows 8 computer.
Click on Paste Option

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