How to add DropBox, Google Drive or SkyDrive to Windows 8 Send To Menu?

Using Dropbox? Here is a nice tutorial that will help you to add DropBox, Google Drive or Sky Drive to Windows 8 “Send To” Menu.

Dropbox SendTo Image

Frequently we need to store our files, music, videos and other important documents in various cloud storage spaces like Dropbox, Google Drive or Skydrive. This can be done by dragging and dropping the files. But it is not always convenient to drag and drop because it requires opening and arranging the windows side by side or navigating through the Windows Explorer folder tree. All these often appear to confuse the users and so it is always better to find an easier way.

How easier it will be to handle such files if we just select the file, right click on it and send it to the desired Cloud storage service by clicking on the Send To and then selecting the storage service?

But by default cloud services like the Google Drive or Sky Drive options are not available under the WINDOWS Send To Menu. Generally the options that are available are Desktop, Mail Recipient and Compressed Folder. What if we can add Google Drive or Sky Drive to our WINDOWS 8 Send To Menu? Definitely, we can easily store our files just by selecting the file and sending it to the destination cloud storage service through the WINDOWS 8 Send To option.

The following steps will serve your purpose.

Steps to add DropBox, Google Drive or Sky Drive to WINDOWS 8 Send To Menu:

1. First of all open the WINDOWS 8 EXPLORER by clicking on the Explorer Icon.

Open Explorer

2. The Explorer opens and in the address bar type the following text

App Data

3. Press ENTER. Go to the address bar and click in an empty area inside the address bar and you will see something like this


Select and openMicrosoft by double-clicking on it -> Open the Windows -> Open the Send To

You will find that the folder containing the Windows 8 Send To Shortcuts are being displayed. If you click in an open area inside the Address Bar you will see something like this


Send To

4. Now you need to find the Google Drive or SkyDrive Shortcuts or any service that you prefer. You can do this by opening another Explorer window or by selecting the shortcut icons of the cloud services from the Desktop.

Desktop Shortcut

Find SkyDrive

5. Select the desired Icon or the File. Right Click on it. Then, select Copy option.

Copy SkyDrive

6. Open the Explorer Window containing the Send To shortcuts. Right Click on the free space and Select Paste or simply press CTRL+V to paste.

Added to send to
7. Close the Window. Now check if the desired cloud service option comes in the WINDOWS 8 Send To Menu.

Select a file-> Right Click on it-> Go to Send To-> See whether Google Drive, SkyDrive or whatever cloud service you have added, is being displayed or not. If Yes, Select the destination service. If not, it means the services are not successfully added to the Send To menu. Then Repeat steps 1. to 6. and get it done.

Send to SkyDrive

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