How To Add Disk Cleanup To The Right-Click Menu In Windows 8?

If you want to know, how to add Disk Cleanup to the Right-Click Menu for a Drive, go through the tutorial below.

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Generally when you want to run the Disk Cleanup utility, you either need to find it through the start menu, or need to open driveproperties window to access it. You can skip all these steps and can add Disk Cleanup option to the Right-Click Menu for a Drive to access it quickly. You just need to add some keys and value to your registry. The whole procedure is very short and easy.

Follow the steps to add Disk Cleanup to the Right-Click Menu for a Drive

Steps to add Disk Cleanup to the Right-Click Menu for a Drive

1. First of all move your mouse cursor to the lower right corner of the screen, the Start menu sidebar will pop up. Click on Search option.

Start Menu Sidebar
2. Now, click on the Apps option in the Right Hand Search Menu to open “Search Apps” text box and type regedit in the “Search Apps” text box. Apps Search result will appear in the left. Click on regedit.exe.

 Search for Regedit.exe

3. Click on Yes in the UAC (User Account Control) dialog box.

Select Yes in UAC box

4. Now in Registry Editor browse down to following sub key:


by clicking their respective expand icon.

Navigate to Shell

5. Right click on the blank space in the right hand panel and click on New option and create a new key called diskcleanup.

Add New Key

Here is our newly created key.


6. Now, Right-click on (default) and click on Modify option.

Click on Modify

7. Edit String window will appear. Assign “Value Data” Disk Cleanup.

Assign default Value data

8. Next, create another key command under the newly created key,named diskcleanup. Assign the default value to the following:

cleanmgr.exe /d %1


You have successfully added Disk Cleanup to the Right-Click Menu for a Drive. Just Right-click on any drive and you will see the Disk Cleanup option in your menu item.

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