How to activate the elevated administrator account in Windows 8

So, you want to activate the administrator account in Windows 8 for administrative reasons? Here’s how, but be careful and don’t use this account as your main account.

how to activate the admin account in Windows 8

1. Before we can activate the administrator account, we need to know how to open an elevated command prompt. This is easy stuff, but for beginners it’s still a problem, that’s why we added a tutorial for that.

How to open elevated command prompt (scroll down for elevated!)

2. Ok, you got that elevated command prompt? Good job! Confirm that it opened C:\Windows\system32

3. Now enter the command net user administrator /active:yes (type everything in bold):

Activating the Windows 8 administrator account via CMD

4. If it says The command completed successfully, the admin account is now active and you can log in.

5. Log off and you will the account on the login screen – or simply use the Metro app and click on your username to switch to the admin account

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