Hot Or Flop? Acer Does Not Expect High Enthusiasm About Windows 8

The Acer Chairperson has expressed his doubts about how much Windows 8 will be able to inspire consumers to buy the devices or cause the industry to grow.

Acer has low expectations from Windows 8

Acer Chairperson Not Putting Much Stock In To Windows 8

Acer chairman J.T. Wang does not foresee Windows 8 really motivating consumers to buy in to the platform and hence it wonÕt drive any “explosive growth” in the market when it finally comes out this October. Wang made this comments earlier today when it was addressing the investors at the companyÕs second quarter earnings call.

“We are still waiting for the signal of the consumers’ enthusiasm,” said Wang according to one report. Acer showed a rise of 8 percent in revenues in the last quarter but the company expects sales to be flat during the third quarter. This dull forecast is attributed to the current economic slump in the market and the unknown quantity that is Windows 8. However, Acer in the beginning was counting on Windows 8 to really trigger some growth in the second half of this year, suggests Computerworld

Microsoft has just launched the RTM (Release To Manufacturing) build of Windows 8 and it has collected a fully mixed set of reviews. Most of the reviews praise its abilities on a tablet but many also criticize its inability to perform to similar levels of satisfaction on a desktop. The user friendliness decidedly drops when the OS is used on a desktop. The dual interfaces of the OS (traditional Desktop and what was formerly known as Metro) also drew some fire from critics and users everywhere.

Acer, like every other PC maker on the face of this planet, is planning to launch Windows 8 devices. It intends to launch Windows 8 RT devices too but is lying in the wait at the moment to see how the platform fares. If they do release such a device, it will be early 2013 by the time they release it.

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