Here’s a tutorial on how to export the registry in Windows 8

If you want to backup your registry in Windows 8, refer to the tutorial below.


A full registry backup is useful if you experience a problem where one or more registry hives has been trashed (especially if it prevents OS boot) and you need to recover from it. That could be because of bad manual registry edits, malware, bad application or driver, disk/controller errors, and so on. It is also useful to some to retain multiple “snapshot” copies of the registry for reference or manual research and recovery, where no other method or record exists. In order to backup your Windows Registry, follow the instructions shown below.

1. Press Windows button to open Start Menu and type“regedit” without quotes.


2. Click on regedit in the search result to open Registry Editor.
Now navigate to File -> Export.


You will be asked to browse to where you want to save the backup registry file.


3. Your registryis now backed up.
You can use this file later to recover your computer’s registry.


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