Guide: How to Get to BIOS on Windows 8

In order to know how to get to BIOS on Windows 8, refer the tutorial below.
How to Get to BIOS on Windows 8

What is the BIOS?

No matter which Microsoft Windows you use, before installing the operating system you are required to configure BIOS setup of your computer. This means that you are required to configure boot device priority to install Windows as well as BIOS password to maintain the security of the computer system.

Whether it is Microsoft Windows 8 or Microsoft Windows 95, process of entering BIOS setup of a computer is always the same. Since entering into BIOS of a computer comes under hardware configuration it has no direct or indirect link with the operating system or any other application installed on that computer. However keys which are used to enter into BIOS setup of a computer can vary from hardware to hardware or vendor to vendor. For example, in some cases you need to press Del key repeatedly during the start-up of system in order to enter BIOS and other times you need to press F2 or F11 key for the same purpose.

As a computer user who wants to install Microsoft Windows 8 operating system on your machine if you want to enter BIOS setup to configure boot device priority you are required to follow the steps given below:

1 Plug-in and start the computer on which you want to go to BIOS.
2 Wait for Power on Self-Test (POST) process to complete.
3 Once it is done, start pressing Del key repeatedly in order to enter the BIOS. You may need to press other keys depending on the vendor of the hardware for example F2, F11, etc. (Refer user manual of the Motherboard or carefully observe the screen when system starts to know the key that is required to enter BIOS).
View the Key Used to Enter BIOS

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