Greenshot: How to take a screenshot on your Windows 8 PC

Greenshot Image Editor_ll Want to take some cool screenshots with lines, arrows and more? Try this tool after the break!

Tip: Don’t want to install any 3rd-party software? Try the built-in snipping tool. Hit Windows key + F and enter Snipping and launch the tool. Draw a rectangle to take a screenshot (after click the button to take it).

Download and Install Greenshot

1. Download Greenshot from

2. After downloading and installing the tool it will use the original shortcut key PrntScr to take screenshots

3. When you right-click on the tray icon you will see various options you can choose from to customize settings, paths and where the tool stores screenshots by default

Greenshot Great Tool To Take Screens

Edit Screenshots Using Built-in Editor!

One of the key advantages of Greenshot is that you have a built-in Screenshot edito that allows you to add text to your screenshots or forms,lines,arrows and annotations:

Greenshot Image Editor.png

4. You can simply use the PrtScr key on your keyboard and Greenshot will from now on take screenshots for you

If you don’t want Greenshot to do the job for you and copy a screenshot into the clipboard instead, simple close Greenshot via the tray icon

Other Alternatives

Know of any other good alternatives to take a snapshot of your desktop? WinSnap, Lightshot and other are possible alternatives or the good old snipping tool that allows you to take screenshots on Windows 8 without any 3rd-party tools. Handy!

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