Got A New PC? Windows 8 Upgrade Coming 2 June, $15 Each

According to new information, Microsoft will begin to offer the $15 upgrade to Windows 8 from the 2nd of June this year.
$15 Windows 8 Upgrades To Begin from 2nd June and last till 13 January 2013

Windows 8 Pro Upgrades For Everybody At $15, With A $20 Gift Card

More information has been gained on Windows 8 upgrade plans and it looks like Microsoft is all set to launch the upgrades from the 2nd of June, which is hardly a few days away. The $15 upgrade plan that we have reported earlier is what will be offered to all those who make Windows 7 purchases between 2nd June and June 13 in 2013. And this upgrade offer will bring them up to Windows 8 Pro no matter what version of Windows 7 they are using. So doesn’t matter whether you have Windows 7 Home or Starter Edition, you will get upgraded to Windows 8 Pro. This is good news like no other for many customers out there.

The given time period also means you will be eligible for this upgrade if you do your shopping during the holiday rush and black Friday sales of 2012. So Microsoft is hoping to create a large pool of Windows 8 upgrades by the beginning of next year.

Microsoft has also taken a leaf out of Apple’s book and decided to offer workshops to customers who participate in the upgrade offer. This will acquaint them with the new OS and help them use it better and to more advantage. And it gets better — Microsoft is also going to offer a $20 gift card to those who participate. This means your upgrade is now practically free. This gift card will be valid at Microsoft retail stores.

So it is clear that Microsoft will be providing users with a lot of incentives to go the Windows 8 way. This means more developer interest and that in turn means better apps and products for the users. Hopefully Microsoft will be successful in driving mass adoption of its brand new OS.

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