Google Releases Early Version Of Chrome For Windows 8

Google has been working on a Metro edition of their Chrome browser for a while now and as promised they have released a working version this week to for their developers.

Google releases Chrome for Metro

Google Chrome For Windows 8 Metro

Google released a working version of Chrome for the new Metro UI on Windows 8. It has a lot of new additions that fix Windows 8 crashes and performance issues. It also has improved support for Windows 8 onscreen keyboard inside Metro. After announcing its development plans in March, Google has worked quite fast to have a release ready by June.

Users can install the new Chrome on their machines only after installing Windows 8 Release Preview and then selecting Chrome as your default browser. Since Metro’s own browser is designed to be the default on the system, you can’t have alternative browsers opening in the Metro part of the OS for now. It operates more or less how you would expect a modern mobile system to operate.

Last week Google said “initial releases of Chrome in Metro mode will include integration with the basic Windows 8 system functionality, such as charms and snap view,” and their plans leading up to late-2012 is about “smoothing out the UI on Metro and improving touch support, so please feel free to file bugs.”

Even though it is a working version of the browser, it is not meant for the general customer yet. This is still an early release and is meant more for those who are interested in trying it out rather than for use as the main browser. So the average consumer should use this with caution, if they are to use it at all.

Google has added a few extra features for developers especially and also added support for six new countries including United Arab Emirates, Morocco and Saudi Arabia. There’s also a new section dedicated for apps that work offline.

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