Getting Started With Windows 8’s Lock Screen – Changing the Appearance(Part 1)

Windows 8’s lock screen is the first thing your going to see when you boot up the operating system. Here is the first in a series of guides for getting to grips with it!

Windows 8 Lock Screen

The Lock Screen can prove daunting to new users of Windows 8. Over this series of guides we will hopefully make it a little less so for you.


Getting the grips with the Lock Screen is vital if you are to be comfortable with the operating system. Luckily however, after learning the fundamentals it will prove simple enough! There also some handy new features waiting to be uncovered!

Step 1 – Changing The Appearance of The Lock Screen

The default lock screen looks fine and quite visually striking compared to some of Microsoft’s more bland efforts.

If you do need to change it however it is simple to do so.


Press (Windows) + R and Click Change PC Setting. Select the Personalisation menue and you can replace it with one of the options available to you. Select Browse to use one of your own images.

Step 2

You may have noticed that at the bottom of the lock screen you’ll see quick updates. These are about what is happening on your PC.

There are more Icons to view however. On the Personalize screen you can select options to change the specific Icons on display – either adding or removing the ones you so wish.


Some apps are capable of showing you more information then others on your Lock Screen which can prove handy in some circumstances.

Apps like Weather and Calendar are capable of doing so by default. It’s important to bear this in mind to avoid security problems also.


To get access to this extra information simply highlight it at the bottom of the Personalise page in the Control Panel!

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