Getting Started With Audio In Windows 8

There are now more audio options than ever before in Windows 8. Here is a guide on getting started with getting the best out of your setup.

Audio in Windows 8

Microsoft have really upgraded their multimedia options over the last few years and their positioning of the Xbox One showcases this even further.

Likewise in Windows 8, there is now a host of audio features and options.


Step 1

We will start from the basics. To access the new look volume control simply move your pointer to the bottom right and click settings where you should see the “volume” icon.

Moving it up and down obviously raises and lowers the volume and if your click the icon you will mute your sound.


Windows 8 also support hardware volume controls depending on the device you ar using. If you are using a laptop or PC simply press the “FN” key with the volume key on your keyboard. If you are using a tablet of some sort simply use the volume controls – both options will bring up a nifty looking overlay displaying the current level.



Disappointingly, you can not tweak the audio of your various apps individually and altering the volume’s with apps such as Music will change the main volume as well.


The Desktop has some of the features we have grown accustomed to over the years when it comes to volume options for the operating system. We have more precision here and can use the “Mixer” to alter each running program. Simply click “Mixer” and the volume sliders for all the related programmes should appear for you to adjust. Handy if you are listening to music at a low volume from one source while occasionally browsing videos online for example.



You will notice that in the “Mixer” overview there is a line that runs along the top. This controls the main volume and adjusting this will affect all the other programme volumes you see in front of you. Dragging a programmes slider up will in turn raise the main volume slider and vice-versa.


The icons visible above the mixer are useful. Simply click one to bring you to the relevant settings of that particular programme. If you want to mute a particular programme with muting the rest of your PC than simply click the speaker icon under the program that is bothering you. If you click the mute icon to the left you will mute your entire system.

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