Get a Metro Style Start Menu + Start Button on Windows 8 Consumer Preview

If you want to get a Metro style start menu with a start button in Windows 8 there are some really handy tools available for download. Give this a try if you need a Start menu.


Microsoft introduces a new user interface : the Metro User Interface Windows 8.
The Start menu brings the main difference between this and its predecessors.
Some people like the new attractive start menu of ,strong>Windows 8 , some people still prefer that old start menu type.
Which was most easy to access in Windows 7. You can search for files, apllications or open any of the installed
programs from that menu quite easily.

If you want to use both the attractive look of Windows 8 start menu and the easy to access start menu of
Windows 7, then there is a way to combine both the feature. You have to folow the instructions carefully to do this.

1. Download Start 8 from here.

Download Start 8

2. After downloading Start8 , install it in your own machine.

Click finish the installation when you are asked.

3. After finishing the installation check the new start menu by double clicking on the Start Button
to see it.

Metro Style Start Menu

Now, you can search the applications , Settings , Files from the search menu.
You can also browse the installed programs from this new start menu as you have doen it till Windows 7. But along with those
features, you have got an exciting new look of Metro user Interface.

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