Gartner’s Verdict On Windows 8 For Desktop: Bad

Research firm Gartner has reached verdict for Windows 8 on desktops and it is an ominous “bad” for the next evolutionary step of the Windows OS.

Gartner says Windows 8 is

Gartner On Windows 8: Good For Touch, Bad For Desktop

Gartner has recently taken the upcoming Windows 8 through a five part review where they have reached a verdict that condemns Windows 8 on Desktops but praises it performance on touch devices.

Gartner Research Director Gunnar Berger was loaned a Samsung slate device that was loaded with Windows 8 and he found the experience to be quite good. He also observed that Windows 8 has some workarounds for problems that are commonly faced by enterprise apps trying to work on tablets, which is good news for Microsoft.

He was also apparently impressed with the speed of Windows 8 installation on various devices with all drivers present and the “crazy fast” boot times that the new OS performed at. Berger felt that the Windows 8 slate was a good enough replacement for his laptop and iPad combo because it does the job of either fairly well. And then comes the bad news.

Here’s what Gartner had to say about a field study they did for the Windows 8:

“We recently did a large field research study and specifically asked all of our interviewees if they were looking at Windows 8, most laughed. The fact is most enterprises are still trying to get to Windows 7 and few enterprises are ready for Windows 8.”

And then when Berger answers the question “What is the experience like on Windows 8 when the end point isn’t touch enabled?” he has a very simple and direct answer — “In a word: Bad”.

He arrived at this verdict through the frustrating experience of having to bring up all the menus that are hidden from view. They are easy enough to swipe out when on a touchscreen but on a desktop it is a nightmare. He also had problems with the Remote Access on Windows 8, where his keystrokes from the local keyboard would not be recognized. Over all he feels that Windows 8 will have a tough time getting in to the Enterprise market.

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