Game Engines: Windows Phone 8 Now 3D Ready With Unity

Unity Technologies has announced an upgrade to the famous Unity 3D engine that will make the popular graphics engine support Windows 8 Phones.

Unity 3D gaming engine to bring popular 3D games to Windows Phone 8

Unity 3D Graphics Now Available On Windows 8 Phones

The Unity 3D engine is a popular 3D engine for creating applications and games with 3D graphics. This engine has now been upgraded to add Windows 8 phones to its roster of supported devices. It was easy for them to support Windows Phone 8 thanks to the new platform’s shared code with the main Windows 8 Platform and its support for Direct3D – Microsoft’s own 3D graphics technology.

This announcement from Unity comes as a breather for Windows 8 after a long tirade of gaming bigwigs slamming the platform for making life harder for game studios and distributors. After being bad mouthed by top persons from both Blizzard and Valve (Steam), id Software and even the maker of Minecraft, this is finally a piece of good news for the platform.

Unity as an engine has a wide range of supported platforms – Xbox360, Windows, Mac, PS3, Wii, iPhone, iPad, Android and soon it will hav Linux support too. So now it seems that any game developed with Unity can be easily made to run on the entire Windows 8 platform, including Windows Phone 8. This will cut down the waiting time for Windows 8 gamers and it will also possibly up the total number of games to hit the Windows Store. And Unity’s wide platform support also makes cross-platform gaming more of a possibility.

Microsoft’s decision to support a gaming engine like this shows that the company does care what happens to its gaming community, contrary to what the detractors have to say.

Developers are going to get their hands on the development tools soon, evem though specific dates have not been announced.

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