Fully Integrated: Windows 8 Games Will Come With Xbox Achievements

Gamers love the Xbox Achievements feature and they are going to love it on their new Windows 8 machines as well.

Windows 8 games get Xbox achievements

Xbox Achievements Now Also On Windows 8

Looks like the built in games on Windows 8 will bear the Xbox logo; at least that is what the new listings on the Xbox360achievements.org website seem to be pointing towards. This means Xbox achievements will be coming to Windows staples like Solitaire, Minesweeper and also Mahjong. Now you can share that super high score with the rest of the world. At least that part of the world that is active on Xbox Live.

This comes as no surprise after we reported about the upcoming Xbox Live integration in to Windows 8 some time back in July this year. This integration will be featuring other features from Xbox Live as well. Users will have access to the Games Marketplace as well as the much awaited cross-platform cloud saving feature. That last one lets you play the same game across multiple platforms and have your progress synced across all of them. This allows you to pause and pick up the game from anywhere on any of the platforms. However, this is the first time that we are getting a look at the inner workings of this integration and what it will look like on Windows 8.

Gamerscore limits are 25 in Mahjong, 40 in Solitaire Collection and 50 in Minesweeper. While they might sound low, they are quite alright when you consider achievements such as “A Fresh Coat Of Paint” (a change of themes) and “Flip over your first card”. Overall, the scaling down of the scores do make sense.

So if you are the competitive type, do head over to the website where the new listings were discovered and make for

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