Full Windows 8 Crysis 2 Themes With Sound Theme

You liked Crysis 2 and look forward to Crysis 3? Then get this Windows 8 theme with a full icon theme, sound theme and more.
crysis 2 wallpaper themes

We created various desktop icons for the theme. Desktop icons are part of the best Windows 8 themes on our site and simply make the desktop a little nicer to look at – without the default computer icons, recycle bin, network icon, etc.

Crysis 2 Background Number 1 (Preview)

If you need new wallpapers, we also put in various backgrounds to make this Windows 8 theme as complete as possible.
Crysis 2 Background Wallpaper 2

Crysis 2 Background Wallpaper 3

If you are an advanced Windows 8 user you will find this start orb useful:
Crysis 2 Background Wallpaper 4

Download Crysis 2 Theme

Crysis 2 theme

Free Crysis 2 Windows 8 Theme

You will find a lot more desktop themes on our page dedicated to Windows 8 desktop themes.

Make sure to keep in mind that the theme is fully supported – if you need help installing let us know.

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