Fujitsu Unveils Hybrid Tablet For Enterprise Users Q702

Ll_fujitsu Stylistic Q702 Tablet Thumb2 Fujitsu has launched a hybrid Windows 8 tablet that is meant solely for business users.

Fujitsu Launches Hybrid Tablet For Its Business Clientele

Fujitsu is known for its special offerings for the business segment, so it comes as no surprise that they have prepared a tablet that is aimed at business users. It can be used as just a tablet or it can be used in place of a laptop or netbook.

The tablet, called the Q702, comes with a keyboard and hence it does not need anything extra to turn in to a laptop/notebook replacement. Dave Shaw, Fujitsu tablet product manager, highlighted the fact that it is a full tablet but with a keyboard in case the user needs to do “heavy-duty data entry.”

There’s also the option for stylus based entry, which means you can sketch and write on the screen. Windows 8 comes with basic handwriting recognition, which gives this tablet the capability to replace your older note taking device. The Q702 actually comes with its own stylus, which in turn has its own button for acting as the right click when need be. Looks like Fujitsu has been looking in to the details to separate itself from the rest of the crowd when it comes to Windows 8 tablets.

Fujitsu will in fact have to overcome a multitude of Windows 8 tablets out there in order to make a mark for its own tablet. There’s just a lot of competition that is already out there and there’s more on the way. So Windows 8 manufacturers, which pretty much all of the PC industry, will now have to think along creative lines to differentiate themselves in order to drive more sales.

Sales figures have been slowly but gradually eroding away for the PC industry even as Windows 8 slow rises on the horizon. PC makers everywhere are now banking heavily on Windows 8 to put some wind in to their sails. However, analysts have predicted that sales are not going to rise smoothly and there’s some more rough patches ahead for the market.

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