FREE: The Windows 8 Enterprise Version Is Now Available – 90-Day Trial

Microsoft has already released the RTM version of Windows 8 so that manufacturers and developers can start getting ready for October 26 and in the meantime anybody interested in Windows 8 Enterprise can easily download a free, 90-day trial of the OS.

Windows 8 enterprise now available on free 90-day trial from Microsoft

Windows 8 Enterprise Up For Free 90-DayTrial

Along with the Windows 8 RTM release, Microsoft has also announced a 90-day free trial for Windows 8 Enterprise. It is available to anyone who is interested in trying it out but beware — it is not for the casual user. It is mostly useful for developers and power users who are curious. The evaluation copy has quite a few disadvantages that make it unsuitable for a regular installation.

This evaluation copy will expire at 90-days. It cannot be upgraded directly and hence must be uninstalled. Only after an uninstall can you switch to a full version of Windows. Due to this reason, it is advisable that you do not perform an actual installation at all. Run it on a virtual machine instead. You can also install it on a separate hard drive and then simply format it when it expires. Although it should go without saying — do not make this your primary OS.

To use it, you must register. It is compulsory and to do so you will need to use a Microsoft ID along with your name, email and country. You will then have to activate the OS online within 10 days of installation. So what happens when the trial ends? Well your background will go black and the PC will begin shutting down every one hour so that you cannot use it.

So now that you have been warned, you can go ahead and try it out yourself. A virtual environment seems to be the best option so far and it will give you a good sneak peek at what is about to come out on October 26.

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