Driver Detective: Free App For Looking Up Drivers For Windows 8

Windows 8 Drivers Here’s a free version of an app that detects and installs missing and compatible drives for all pre-release versions of Windows 8.

Here’s their website (Free download)

Driver Detective: Free App For Driving Drivers

Device support, as with most new OS’, is a major issue in Windows 8. This has been aggravated by the drastic change that has gone in to the step from Windows 7 to Windows 8. As a result, a lot of devices that work fine on Windows 7 are failing work on Windows 8 even though in theory it is meant to work.

So we have come across an app that comes for free and does ‘Driver Detecting’ for Windows 8. It is called Driver Detective and it searches your machine for compatible drivers that will helps Windows 8 run faster and better.

This is actually the beta version that is being given away for free. The company makes Driver Detective software as a paid product and they are hoping to help Windows 8 users enough to make them want to buy the final version when it is released once Windows 8 is commercially released.

According to the company, this beta version of the software is fully functional and it will help people to test all of their peripheral devices with Windows 8 in the OS’ present Consumer Preview build. So it will automatically search and install compatible drivers for different kinds of network devices, printers and other devices.

One more important fact they mention is that the app delivers the drivers in the actual form as they are released by the manufacturers. So the driver packages are delivered without any modifications and their integrity is fully maintained.

This software is still in beta though, so use it at your own risk. We are not assuming any responsibility and are not endorsing it. That said, Windows 8 itself is in a Public Beta AKA Consumer Preview stage, so there’s no harm in testing out beta software on another beta software. They might break each other or you might have an easier time trying out Windows 8.

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