Fix autoplay in Windows 8 using the Autoplay settings

Fixing the autoplay settings is not so difficult, but it can be difficult to find, here’s where the settings are hidden
fix autoplay settings

What is Autoplay

Most of us are familiar with the term Autoplay. Now what is autoplay?
Autoplay is basically a option which select the deafult application for a specific type of action.
Suppose you have inserted a blank dvd/cd in your computer and then you are prompted by apop-up for some action or it may
automatically bring you to the section of burning that cd/dvd. Or you have inserted a game’s dvd and then the game installer
automatically starts running. You can select the default action for this by changing the autoplay options.

In order to enable or disable the Autoplay Options, follow the instructions below.

1. Open the Control Panel by searching it in the Charm welcome screen.

Control Panel

2. Now navigate to Hardware and Sound and then click on Autoplay.

click on autoplay

3. Now the Autoplay settings window will appear. Change the settings as per your requirement.
If you want to disable Autoplay for USB drives, uncheck “Use Autoplay for all media and devices”.
You can also specify other option available there.

autoplay settings

Don’t forget to save the settings to be applied.

save autoplay settings

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