Fix a corrupt profile in Windows 8 using this trick (copy old to new profile)

If you want to fix a corrupt or damaged user profile in Windows 8, refer to the tutorial below.
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What is a User Profile?

User profile is nothing but a set of customisation of the default settings of the operating system, for each user of that operating system.
Each user can customise the operating system appearance for only his own account through his user profile. He/she can add a picture as his/her account
picture, can set a default desktop background, can apply a theme and also change the appearance settings for that account only.

Each user profile is secured against profile corruption. But it may be corrupted or damaged while using Windows 8
Consumer preview. In that case you have to fix or repair it for further use. In order to do so, carefully follow the instructions written below.

1. Create a new user account

1. Search Command Prompt by typing cmd in the Windows 8 charm screen (Metro UI).

 search cmd

2. Right click on cmd.exe and click on Run As Administrator.

 run cmd as admin

3. Type “net user username password /add” without quotes.
Replace ‘username’ and ‘password’ with you chosen username and password.

 add user

Copy old files to new profile

1. Navigate to C:\Users\Corrupted_Profile_Name\. The profile name will be the corrupted profile name.
2.Copy all files except these 3 :


If the last file is missing, then there will be 2 log file with .LOG1 and .LOG2.

 profile folder

If you can’t see these files, then you have to uncheck Hide protected operating system files from Control Panel>Folder

 show protected OS files

3. Navigate to C:\Users\New_Profile_Name\.

4. Paste all those files here.

Now you are done. You can now delete the corrupted profile.

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