First Ever Windows 8 Consumer Preview Patch Arrives

Microsoft has released the first ever patch for Windows 8 Consumer Preview and it comes alongside a Windows patch with six different security updates that address 11 different vulnerabilities within the OS.

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Windows 8 Consumer Preview Gets First Ever Patch

The first ever patch released by Microsoft for Windows 8 Consumer Preview comes simultaneously with 6 security updates that fix 11 vulnerabilities found within Internet Explorer AKA IE, Office, Windows itself and other Microsoft products. One of the most important updates as suggested by Microsoft and identified by security experts is the MS12-027 update that fixes a security hole that attackers have already started exploiting. This is the patch that you should be installing first if you have any of the following: –

  • 32-bit version of Office 2003, 2007 and 2010
  • SQL Server
  • Commerce Server
  • BizTalk Server
  • Visual FoxPro
  • Visual Basic

One of the top dangers of this vulnerability is that it can allow a specially written office document to completely hijack your computer when opened in Word or even the simple WordPad. It also has a way of attaching itself to your computer when you visit a website with malicious content. Microsoft has said that it has seen a small number of attacks that use this but has not mentioned when the attacks started being noticed.

This patch was released out of cycle by Microsoft, which released regular patches every second Tuesday of the month. This indicates that Microsoft deemed this threat serious enough to go outside its regular cycle. This happened last in December last year and that was the first time for the year.

Other applications that use this component are still vulnerable to attacks and they will be patched by their respective makers. Microsoft has released the appropriate information for developers to patch their software. Windows 8 users are affected due to the IE and WordPad vulnerabilities along with any other applications like Office that use components that the security updates are meant for.

8 out of 11 updates in this patch are tagged “Critical” — the highest level of threat ranking by Microsoft. The other two are labeled as “moderate”.

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